Borders in the English-Speaking World

Negotiations, Subversions, Reconfigurations

This collective volume brings together thirteen contributions focusing on the transgression of borders in the English-speaking world from the beginning of the 19th century to the 21st century, in literature, history, geography, cultural studies, visual arts and political discourse. Far from being static and immutable, borders are shown to be permeable and performative, fluid sites of division and contact, processes rather than straight and rigid lines. The chapters explore the ways in which borders contribute to the shaping of identities and are negotiated in complex and subversive ways at cultural, territorial, individual and national levels. Borders are treated from an interdisciplinary perspective that articulates the literal and the metaphorical, the concrete territory and the imagined community, highlighting the imbrication of political, social, environmental, discursive and aesthetic considerations.


Sandrine BAUDRY, Hélène IBATA and Monica MANOLESCU

I. Imposed Borders and Contested Geographies

Caroline LEHNI – Contested Borders: Northern Irish Murals and the Visualisation of Territory

Sandrine BAUDRY and Céline PLANCHOU – A History of Shifting Settler-colonial Borders: Reading the Native/Non-Native Territorial Palimpsest in and around Rapid City, SD

Anna-Grace SCULLION – The Decolonial Frontier: Landscape, Maps and Borders in Louise Erdrich’s Tracks

Joseph EGWURUBE – “Indigeneity”, “Statism” and “Federal Character”: The Manufacture of Inter-communal Borders in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

II. Natural and Symbolic Boundaries

Julien NÈGRE – Writing Without Borders? Thoreau’s Remapping of Borders Through Language

Frédérique SPILL – “One man’s tenuous hold on the earth”: The Metaphor of Barbed Wire in Ron Rash’s Writing

Stefanie LETHBRIDGE – The Past in the Present: The Black Forest in Victorian Periodicals

III. Borders and the Shaping of Transnational Identities

Silvia GERLSBECK – “dark strangers crossing the nation’s threshold”: Confinement and Border Crossings in the Fiction of George Lamming and Sam Selvon

David BOUSQUET – “Whey Mi Belang”: Borders of Class, Race and Gender in Reggae Lyrics and Afro-Caribbean Oral Texts

Sara ARAMI – Undermining Borders in The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf

IV. Navigating Liminal Spaces

Laurence CRISTINA – From the “Angel in the House” to the Suffragette: How the New Woman Crossed the Border Between the Private and the Public Spheres, Great Britain, 1854-1918

Amandine GUYOT – Crossing Lines in Imperial India: a Geocritical Study of Subversive Transgressions in R. Kipling’s Kim and E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India

Julia SICCARDI – “You people aren’t even black anymore”: Tentative Reconfigurations of Geographical, Social and Racial Borders in Zadie Smith’s On Beauty

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Collection : Études anglophones
Date de parution : 09/02/2022
EAN : 9791034401260

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