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RANAM n° 51/2018
Title RANAM n° 51/2018
Subtitle The Representation of Emotions across Discourse Genres
Edition First Edition
With Elena Albu, Ellen Carter, Christelle Lacassain-Lagoin, Philippe Muller, Julie Nimtz, Catherine Paulin, Héloïse Perbet, Célia Schneebeli, Jean Szlamowicz
Edited by Catherine Paulin
Journal RANAM
ISSN 05576989
Language English
Publisher Presses universitaires de Strasbourg
BISAC Subject Heading LAN029000 LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Lexicography
LAN016000 LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / Semantics
Dewey (abridged) 420 English & Old English
410 Linguistics
Audience 05 College/higher education
CLIL (Version 2013-2019) 4033 Langues étrangères
3147 Linguistique, Sciences du langage
3151 Lexicologie, pragmatique lexicale, sémantique
Title First Published 24 July 2018
Subject Scheme Identifier Code      93 Thema subject category: CF      93 Thema subject category: CFG      93 Thema subject category: CFM      93 Thema subject category: C      93 Thema subject category: DSB
Includes Bibliography; Notes

Format Paperback
Nb of pages 160 p. Bibliography . Notes .
ISBN-13 979-10-344-0018-8
GTIN13 (EAN13) 9791034400188
Publication Date 24 July 2018
Publication , France
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The present volume is a collection of eight papers in which a linguistic and discourse-based approach to emotions has been adopted. The authors provide an insight into the linguistic representation of emotions, seen as subjective experiences that are communicated to an addressee in discourse. Utterances that convey emotions are characterised by lexical, morpho-syntactic and prosodic markers, which are analysed across different discourse genres. The authors adopt different theoretical and methodological perspectives in order to investigate the connection between emotion, cognition, verbal expression and its variation across discourse genres.


Catherine Paulin – Presentation

Christelle Lacassain-Lagoin – At the Crossroads of Cognition and Emotion: Wonder, a Multifunctional and Polysemous Marker

Philippe Muller – HAPPY as a Mark of Exceptionality

Célia Schneebeli – Coding Emotion in Computer-Mediated Communication: The Example of YouTube Comments

Elena Albu – "Tired, emotional and very VERY happy. Fantastic day #AFC." The Expression of Emotions on Twitter during the 2014 European Elections

Julie Nimtz – An Enunciative Approach to Pathos in British General Election Manifesto

Ellen Carter – Expressing Emotion in Romance Fiction: How Readers Like Their Heroes and Heroines to Communicate Passion

Héloïse Perbet, Catherine Paulin – The Expression and Triggering of Surprise in Joseph Jacobs's Tales

Jean Szlamowicz – "Screamin' and Shoutin'!" A Cultural and Lexicographic Study of Exultation in Jazz

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