RANAM n° 49/2016

RANAM n° 49/2016

Contacts, Frictions, Clashes: Modes of Construction of Anglophone Culture
Presses universitaires de Strasbourg
Publication: Jul 2016
Review - RANAM

This volume examines the interplay between the three notions of 'contacts', 'frictions' and ‘clashes’ in Anglophone culture so as to analyse the dynamics of conflict, SEARCH’s theme of reflexion. From frictions between critical theories on language or literature to clashes between political or artistic views in the British, Australian, Irish and American contexts, taking into account World War One, Shakespeare and reality TV, the thirteen contributions focus on the processes at work in the elaboration of representations resulting from conceptions of the world or of society which seemed or still seem irreconcilable.

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RANAM n° 36/2003 vol. 3
European Society for the Study of English - ESSES 6 - Strasbourg 2002 - 3 - cultural studies
Christian Civardi, Albert Hamm, Jürgen Schlaeger


Langues et civilisations : Anglaise et nord-américaine

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