La coloration des façades en Europe

La coloration des façades en Europe

Bâti urbain et paysage bâti
Edited by Denis Steinmetz

The coloring of facades in Europe
Urban and rural built environment

The 20th century is defifinitively behind us. This is heralded by the comeback of colour. In the 1920s, it had been a vigorous companion of nascent modernism, before the pure aesthetics of whites and grays won the day, half a century later. The return of colour has opened a wide range of new possibilities, from the most intense polychromy to its radical negation, with a vision distant from references to the past. Modern ideology, post- or neo-modern, has given way to an eclectic whirlwind. Thus, we assume the heterogeneity of cultural legacies and the capacity for everyone to identify with one or another of them. This fragmented view is not without danger, since any message is blurred by the infifinity of options. One may detect the dawn of new, less random commitments, and new certainties – at least let's hope so!

François Loyer


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