SCOLIA n°28/2014

SCOLIA n°28/2014

Actes rassurants, actes menaçants : sémantique et pragmatique de l'interaction verbale
Edited by Olga Galatanu, Abdelhadi Bellachhab, Ana-Maria Cozma
Presses universitaires de Strasbourg
Publication: Jun 2014
Review - SCOLIA

Reassuring acts, threatening acts: semantics and pragmatics of verbal interaction

The aim of this issue is to argue and illustrate a complementary approach to those, well known and recognized in pragmatics, in verbal interaction: a semantics of verbal interaction likely to account for the representations of speech acts and for the declarative language knowledge about their linguistic performance in different cultural and linguistic contexts. In this twofold theoretical perspective, this issue proposes the analysis of several speech acts in a particularly sensitive area of human experience, that of the expression and / or the provocation of positive affect (reassuring acts) and negative affect (threatening acts).


Introduction à la méthodologie en linguistique
Application au français contemporain
Injoo Choi-jonin, Corinne Delhay



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