RANAM n° 51/2018

RANAM n° 51/2018

The Representation of Emotions across Discourse Genres
Edited by Catherine Paulin
Presses universitaires de Strasbourg
Publication: Jul 2018
Review - RANAM

The present volume is a collection of eight papers in which a linguistic and discourse-based approach to emotions has been adopted. The authors provide an insight into the linguistic representation of emotions, seen as subjective experiences that are communicated to an addressee in discourse. Utterances that convey emotions are characterised by lexical, morpho-syntactic and prosodic markers, which are analysed across different discourse genres. The authors adopt different theoretical and methodological perspectives in order to investigate the connection between emotion, cognition, verbal expression and its variation across discourse genres.

Catherine Paulin

Catherine Paulin is Professor in linguistics at the university of Strasbourg and a member of the research center LiLPa (Linguistique, Langues, Parole). She studies lexicology, the interface between lexis and syntax, modes of representation of oral varieties of language in literature. She is currently involved in an interdisciplinary research project, Monologuer (CERILAC, Paris Diderot), devoted to inner speech. 


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