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RANAM n° 39/2006
Culture savante, culture populaire
Yann Tholoniat

RANAM n° 40/2007
Culture savante, culture populaire en Écosse
Christian Auer, Yann Tholoniat

RANAM n° 41/2008
Variability and change in language and discourse
Albert Hamm, Lyndon Higgs

RANAM n° 42/2009
Multiculturalisme, modernité et citoyenneté au Canada / Multiculturalism, modernity and citizenship in Canada
Gwendolyne Cressman

RANAM n° 43/2010
Culture savante - culture populaire : reprises, recyclages, récupération
Jean-Jacques Chardin

RANAM n° 44/2011
Language, speech, discourse
Maryvonne Boisseau, Stéphane Kostantzer

RANAM n° 45/2012
Reprise, Recycling, Recuperating: Modes of Construction of Anglophone Culture
Jean-Jacques Chardin

RANAM n° 46/2013
Imagined Communities, Recuperated Homelands
Monica Manolescu, Charlotte Sturgess

RANAM n° 47/2014
The déjà vu and the authentic in anglophone culture: contacts, frictions, clashes
Anne Bandry-Scubbi
This volume concludes the reflection led by SEARCH on "Reprise, Recycling, Recuperation in Anglophone culture," with the new perspective of interrogating the less consensual relationships between these concepts, the dissonance and disharmony, the contacts, frictions and clashes through which cultural constructions take shape...

RANAM n° 48/2015
Accents, Variation(s), Representation
Maryvonne Boisseau
The contributions to this issue of Ranam deal with the notions of accents, variation(s) and representation, examining the broad issue of variation from the point of view of diachronic, sociolinguistic, and textual change seen through its linguistic representation.

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