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RANAM n° 55/2022
Pronunciation Matters: Current Perspectives on Teaching and Learning L2 Phonology
Monika Pukli
The 10 articles in this issue approach teaching and learning phonology through different pedagogical projects in the fields of articulatory phonetics, sociophonetic variation or embodied cognition.

RANAM n° 54 / 2021
Landscapes and aesthetic spatialities in the Anthropocene
Sandrine Baudry, Hélène Ibata, Monica Manolescu

RANAM n° 53 / 2020
Internal Variation : A Special Focus on Diamesic Variation across Speech and Writing
RANAM n° 53/ 2020
Catherine Paulin

RANAM n° 52/2019
Borders and Spaces in the English-Speaking World
Jean-Jacques Chardin

RANAM n° 51/2018
The Representation of Emotions across Discourse Genres
Catherine Paulin
The present volume is a collection of eight papers in which a linguistic and discourse-based approach to emotions has been adopted...

RANAM n° 50/2017
Discourse, Boundaries and Genres in English Studies: an Assessment
Jean-Jacques Chardin
In March 2017 eleven outstanding scholars from France and elsewhere gathered in Strasbourg on the occasion of a big international symposium celebrating RANAM's 5Oth anniversary. RANAM 50 is the proceedings of this conference.

RANAM n° 49/2016
Contacts, Frictions, Clashes: Modes of Construction of Anglophone Culture
Anne Bandry-Scubbi
This volume examines the interplay between the three notions of 'contacts', 'frictions' and ‘clashes’ in Anglophone culture so as to analyse the dynamics of conflict, SEARCH’s theme of reflexion.

Real and Imaginary Travels 16th-18th centuries
Voyages réels, voyages imaginaires XVIe-XVIIIe siècles
Anne Bandry-Scubbi, Rémi Vuillemin
Whether real or imaginary, travel stands as a paradigm for the circulation and the production of beliefs and ideas, and can have as much to do with education or spirituality as with utopian politics or the development of trade. Ten European researchers focus – in English and in French – on real or fictional, experienced or narrated journeys...

RANAM n° 48/2015
Accents, Variation(s), Representation
Maryvonne Boisseau
The contributions to this issue of Ranam deal with the notions of accents, variation(s) and representation, examining the broad issue of variation from the point of view of diachronic, sociolinguistic, and textual change seen through its linguistic representation.

RANAM n° 47/2014
The déjà vu and the authentic in anglophone culture: contacts, frictions, clashes
Anne Bandry-Scubbi
This volume concludes the reflection led by SEARCH on "Reprise, Recycling, Recuperation in Anglophone culture," with the new perspective of interrogating the less consensual relationships between these concepts, the dissonance and disharmony, the contacts, frictions and clashes through which cultural constructions take shape...

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